Nordic Wood Shavings Sussex guarantees excellent performance and the quality of our product - we've made it our mission to provide wood shavings to make the best animal bedding and horse bedding money can buy. We keep our standards high to ensure you get the quality you deserve at a reasonable price. Our Wood Shavings for horses are sustainably sourced from well managed Scandinavian forests and then produced at our site in St Leonards on sea in East Sussex. Our shavings are soft but tensile, meaning they don't break apart or turn into dust like so many other brands - our wood shavings really are of the highest quality.



Our shavings are totally natural...

Nordic Wood Shavings guarantees excellent performance Animal bedding & horse bedding. Our wood shavings for horses are soft but tensile, meaning they don't break apart or turn into dust like so many other brands - our wood shavings really are of the highest quality and make for the finest horse bedding.

The products produced at our timber milling facility in St Leonards on sea, East Sussex are sustainably sourced from PEFC/FSC certified Scandinavian forests.

Our wood shavings are a byproduct of our milling operations and it is only this method of production that can produce the best quality shavings in a cost effective way.

High absorbency

Large spread volume

Low dust content

Low spore content


Our product is effective, reliable and environmentally friendly.


Our wood shavings are taken directly from our milling department, which is kept under strictly controlled conditions, and the utmost care is taken to remove dust, debris and impurities from the product. It is important to remove these impurities to protect horse’s respiratory systems which can be damaged when breathing in dust and other debris.


The quality of the wood ensures the highest performance from the shavings, with their soft, fluffy texture providing excellent spread, coverage and absorbency. Our parent company, Stamco Building Supplies, sources high quality Scandinavian timber. This allows us to have a consistent supply of the best quality wood shavings, all year round.


Our wood shavings in Sussex are produced in an environmentally friendly way, only using PEFC & FSC timber throughout the process.


At Stamco and Nordic Wood Shavings, we're committed to providing excellent service to all of our customers. If you have any questions, comments or queries don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page and our friendly staff will be happy to help.


Ashdown Forest Riding for the Disabled

Hurstwood Feeds Ltd

Baldwins Equestrian Competition and Rehabilitation Yard


Holley’s are the sole distributer for Nordic’s wood shavings for horses.

Holley’s have been working alongside Stamco Timber Merchants for the past 17 years as the distributer for Nordic Woodshaving’s animal bedding & horse bedding.

Previous to this Holley’s have been in the Equestrian Bedding industry for a further 9 years, this enables us to give our customers 26 years of unrivalled knowledge and expertise for when it comes to wood shavings for horses, Horse bedding and animal bedding.


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